Pelagou Sensual Bodywear

Born in May 2009 in Eftalou, Lesvos, Greece

Looking back to how pelagou started 10 years ago I am so happy now that some wonderful people stopped me from completely closing up with my professional textile consultancy career and could convince myself to put all that long and deep experience of quality and clothing into something very real that already since a while was growing within me. Something that is just the way I want it to be without making any compromises.

A really untamed and pure being came out.

Pelagou Sensual Bodywear

One wish dream was that it would distribute itself exclusively by word of mouth, create its own pelagou “connectivetissus” all over the world and grow organically finding always the right people and the right places to be with.

pelagou effortlessly moves by resonance.

Incredibly enough this wish dream turns out to be fully real today and every day I am more amazed of how pelagou can speak for itself in the most successful way since the very beginning. It is about human connections: getting to know each other and feeling each other when diving into this wide possibilities of colors and combinations. Its exclusivity, freedom and independency is untouchable. So selling online is simply not an option.

pelagou is not just a click.

There is no season to fit. It fits the whole year at any time for any occasion. And even more important: there is no perfect body or age to fit to wear pelagou.

It fits every Body.

Beside the organic Egyptian cotton quality produced, manufactured and dyed in Italy with the most knowledgeable hands and eyes, dear friends out of long lasting relationships, it becomes as a kind of liquid second skin or a living additional tissue on your body. Color is the very soul of pelagou. A huge range of nature inspired colors that continuosly change like in nature. You can create your own colour combination of the moment by layering these subtle pieces protecting and hugging your body but not restricting it. The colors will speak to you and make you shine just the way you are the most beautiful. It is more a playing than a dressing up. Since the first moment of creating it the main inspiration has always been to giving with pelagou the possibility to just being yourself in every moment with every color that attracts you right that moment.